Why ABAASY Bail Bonds?

We specialize in providing the unparalleled customer service. Our clients are our priority, we will strive to make the Bail Bonding process as smooth and easy as possible.  We accommodate and cater to all of our clients bail bond needs, and offer a Mobile service for those who cant make it to our office free of charge.  We also Provide a ride home for our clients that meet certain criteria*   

Located in the heart of San Diego, we are a few steps away from The San Diego Central Jail.  Did we mention a Mobile Service? We come out directly to you if you cannot come to us.  We also offer Bail By Phone Service where most cases can be electronically signed and handled. 

Here are a few key points one must take into account when searching for a Bail Bond.

5 Things to Look for in a Bail Bondsman



Got a loved one whose been recently arrested?


If you do, you need a bondsman. Because you can’t have family or friends rotting in jail for long.


It’ll damage them mentally. And even worse, it’ll cause them to lose out on life, depending on how long they’re locked up


They could get fired, putting a horrible mark on their careers.


Or they could end up with some horrible people in their cells.


So you need to bail them out fast. And you need an efficient bondsman for the job.


Below, we’ll show you how to pick one. Read the following 5 point list, and get to bailing out your loved ones!



(1) Fast Action – Constantly Available.

You need a bail bondsman that’s available 24/7.


Let’s say a loved one gets busted at night. It could be for a drunk driving charge. Or it could be for a late night fight at some social place…


Whatever reason it may be, you can’t wait till the morning. You need to get hold of a bailing service as fast as possible.


A bail bondsman should be available at jail as soon as possible


The faster, the better.

(2) Multiple Methods of Payment.

A bail bondsman shouldn’t just accept cash. They should also accept payments by plastic cards.


The more options, the better. Look for a bondsman that allows “MasterCard” and “Visa” at minimum.


“Discover” and “American Express” are also options. And if you can, look for a service that varies in payment acceptance methods, like Bitcoin.



Wait – Isn’t This a Sign of Inexperience?

Not really.


Many assume that inexperienced businesses accept many payment methods – since they lack selling points.


But an experienced business can also vary its payment structures. You just have to look for a bondsman that’s been functional for many years.



(3) At Least a Decade of Experience.

Bail bondsmen are like 1st responders. They need to be on-sight fast. And they need to respond to your questions in no-time.


Speed comes with experience. A bondsman that’s been around for a long-time knows the paperwork required to get their job done.


They know the law well to negotiate your loved one’s release.


And they can offer you excellent rates too!



(4) Look for Competitive Rates.

Most bondsmen ask for 10% of the bail money as payment. But the lower the rates, the better.


10% is the standard market price. But many offer discounts, dropping payment to 7% of the original pay amount.


It’s a 3% difference, but it’s a difference that matters.


You see, bail costs are usually high. And they’re not costs you pay often. So the more money you save, the better.



For Example…

Let’s say you need $5000 to bail someone out of jail.


That’s a hefty amount to pay. And bondsmen demand a 10% rate, or $500. But at 7%, you only pay $350. So you save a good $150 of cash!



(5) Collaterals – Look for Flexibility.

You pay a bondsman 10% of the bail amount. So what happens to the other 90%?


It’s what you pay if you fail to show up at your required hearings. Which is why you got locked up in the 1st place…


So you can save 90% of your bail amount if you’re responsible.



But Some Aren’t.

And thus, someone has to foot the bill for 90% of the bail amount.


That would be your bondsman. But obviously, if they did that, they’d be at a loss, and their business will sink.


So a bondsman will demand from you a collateral. It could be your car, home, and some possessions. And it ensures that the 90% is paid if you don’t show up.



What You Need.

You need a bondsman who’s quite flexible with collaterals.


They should demand it if your bail amount is seriously high. As in 5+ digits high.


And do remember, the bondsman makes no money out of the collateral. It’s just to make sure that you get out of jail, even if you’ve got a high bail to pay.


So you need a flexible negotiator, who can plan the collaterals you can give up.



So Where Do I Find a Good Bail Bondsman?

You’ll find one in Downtown San Diego!


That would be ABAASY Bail Bonds. It’s a family-owned business, and they’ve been bailing people for years!


They fit all the criteria we previously mentioned. And it’s who you contact if you ever get into trouble with the law!